The Ramen House


The Ramen House is located at General Malvar Av., and Marfori Heights, Davao City. The Ramen House the noodles are made from scratch, their noodles are purely handmade. You can witness them rolling out the dough, flatten them, and slice them into noodle strands right before your eyes!

The different kinds of ramen are available. It’s a Ramen House; just expect that everything they have is Ramen. The prices of each ramen will depend on how big your bowl.  Small-sized bowl is at 85 Pesos while medium-sized bowl is at 160 Pesos and the large-sized bowl is at 195 Pesos. A big bowl goes for P195 for all except seafood. The seafood big bowl is P240. They have dessert though, there were several cakes and pastries on display.

If you’re into ramen and you’re searching for an authentic ones, this resto is a must try. It may be small but you really have to give their ramen a shot. Even the Japanese customers loved their ramen and I’m pretty sure you’ll also be converted into a ramen fan.


General Malvar Street                                                                                                                       (near Davao Doctors College                                                                                                    /across St. Jude Parish)                                                                                                               Open 24 hours.                                                                                                                       Delivery within the area.

Marfori Heights                                                                                                                                  Davao City 8000                                                                                                                    Philippines

Telephone contact number:                                                                                                               (082) 284 9867                                                                                                                          283 9679 (Smart)

Mobile contact number:                                                                                                                     0927 560 2838 (Globe)                                                                                                           0956 146 7709 (Globe)                                                                                                               0948 061 8163 (Smart)



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